No Such Number USPS

The USPS no such number status can be due to a variety of reasons.

In a perfect world, this means the addressee’s street number does not exist. To USPS, it’s merely an incorrect address.

However, there can be other causes.


Incorrect address info

Either the seller or the buyer entered incorrect address info. Ask the seller to confirm the house number on the shipping label with the address from your order information. Likewise, if you’re the seller, ask the buyer to confirm the address.

A new home or office

If it’s a new address, it may not be in USPS’s system yet. Contact your local jurisdiction for a new construction address.

What happens after this status?

Sometimes the package is returned to sender immediately (RTS). Here’s an example:

(The ‘Out for Delivery’ status in Huntingtown, MD seems to be a tracking info error and should be an Akona, MN address)

Other times, the local post office will hold the package for a few days before returning it to sender. Here’s a case where the recipient was either manually checking tracking or received a USPS delivery exception notification, then picked up at their local PO:

What you can do

Visit or call your local post office to check if the package is available for pickup. If you’re the seller, contact the customer asking them to contact their PO. Or take the time to contact the post office for them.

Tools to help with this Status

Shipping exception notifications

Take a proactive approach. Notify yourself or your customers when USPS shipping exceptions like ‘no such number’ occur.

Address validation

Use address validation for your eCommerce store’s checkout. Platforms like Shopify have this built in to their checkout. Most eCommerce marketplaces also validate addresses.

As a last line of defense, utilize address validation in your shipping platform. Most solutions, like ShipStation or Shippo, include this.