Know about shipping issues before customers do

Receive alerts for late shipments.

View shipments by status.

phone app shipments view phone app alerts
phone app shipments view phone app alerts
phone app shipments view
phone app alerts

Shipment Peace of Mind

Receive alerts for shipping issues

  • E-mail alerts
  • Text alerts (SMS)

Set your target shipping time frame. Receive alerts when shipments exceed this. Also receive alerts for shipments that haven’t left the warehouse after a set number of days. Find packages lost in fulfillment or if a dropship vendor is printing labels but not fulfilling until later.

desktop alerts

Shipment statuses in one place

View all your shipments at once. Easily see which packages have issues. Connect to your shipping software or directly to selling channels: shopping carts, marketplaces.

desktop shipments view

Remove guesswork for late shipments

ShipAware provides the best course of action for late shipments based on shipping data. Send customer notifications with custom email templates.

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Automatic shipment imports

Connect your shipping software or storefront in minutes. Then ShipAware imports your shipments. Optionally import from files or bulk data entry.

Integrations for:
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  • shippingeasy logo
  • shippo logo
  • shipstation logo
  • ebay logo

All major carriers supported

ShipAware supports USPS, FedEx, UPS, and DHL shipments along with specific statuses for each carrier: delivery exceptions, held shipment, returned to sender, etc.


Do I need this? How many shipments are actually late?

It depends on your late threshold and the carrier. For our ecommerce business, we use a late threshold of 8 days including weekends. Our main carrier is USPS. About 2-5% of our shipments have issues with either lateness, delivery exceptions, or late dropship vendor handling.

For example, a USPS shipment was late due to a delivery exception. The mailperson wouldn’t deliver to an apartment building with a locked main entrance. We notified the dropship vendor who had the package reshipped via FedEx. FedEx delivered outside the locked entrance and included a photo for delivery confirmation.

How does ShipAware get shipments from my store or shipping software?
Click your selling channel or shipping software integration in your User Settings:
ShipAware user integrations screen
For storefronts, clicking connect authorizes in seconds:
ShipAware eBay integration screen
For shipping software, enter the connection details:
ShipAware ShipStation integration screen
Your shipments will automatically import daily.

Why ShipAware?

We created ShipAware because we could not find an existing service that notified us of late shipments (and potentially late shipments) without manually checking our shipping software daily.

Existing shipment status solutions only send notifications upon package delivery. That’s too late if there are shipping issues. You need to know about potential late orders before customers do.

ShipAware notifies you when shipments exceed expected delivery times or if shipments do not leave the warehouse within so many days.