• No Such Number USPS

    No Such Number USPS

    The USPS no such number status can be due to a variety of reasons. In a perfect world, this means the addressee’s street number does not exist. To USPS, it’s merely an incorrect address. However, there can be other causes. Causes Incorrect address info Either the seller or the buyer entered incorrect address info. Ask…

  • Held at Delivery Depot/Delivery Office

    Held at Delivery Depot/Delivery Office

    What does held at delivery depot/delivery office mean? This status arises after a failed delivery attempt, normally because a signature is required. It means the carrier could not deliver the package and has returned it to the local postal office. Usually, the carrier attempts to deliver the package the next business day as seen in…

  • USPS Addressee not available, being notified, or unknown

    USPS Addressee not available, being notified, or unknown

    Let’s go over three common USPS statuses involving the addressee, or the person receiving the shipment. Tips for International Statuses Some of these statuses are for international shipments. For more accurate tracking information, check the local country’s postal service. For example, if the recipient is in Ireland, use the An Post site to track the…

  • AfterShip Alternatives

    AfterShip Alternatives

    We break down the pros (and cons) of ShipAware vs AfterShip and why ShipAware is the best choice for small to medium businesses.

  • FedEx vs UPS

    FedEx vs UPS

    Deciding between FedEx and UPS for your shipping needs can be tricky. Both offer extensive domestic and international delivery networks and a wide range of services. However, there are some key differences that may make one carrier a better fit depending on your business’s specific needs. This comprehensive guide examines the differences between FedEx and…

  • 7 Ways to Lower Shipping Costs for your Business

    7 Ways to Lower Shipping Costs for your Business

    1. Don’t Settle for Retail Rates Negotiate shipping rates. FedEx, UPS, and DHL provide negotiated rates. Pit them against each other and have at least two negotiated rate carriers. If you lack shipping volume, or if you’re a new business, you can provide projected shipping volume to obtain negotiated prices. Don’t forget to also negotiate…

  • USPS status Not Available: 7 Things to Check

    USPS status Not Available: 7 Things to Check

    Having a package lost in transit can be frustrating. You’re waiting for the tracking to update and see the status is “not available.” Don’t panic. Here steps you can take to locate your package. Wait a Bit Longer Sometimes, the tracking information might not have been updated in real-time. It can take a few hours…

  • USPS vs UPS

    USPS vs UPS

    Not sure which shipping service to use? There are several factors to consider, depending on your business needs. Let’s start with cost since it’s usually the reason we choose a shipping service. Cost: Is UPS or USPS Cheaper? USPS costs less than UPS for shipments up to 12 ounces (oz). But UPS competes with its…

  • Tracking Notifications (USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL)

    Tracking Notifications (USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL)

    Shipping Delivery Notifications by Carrier Some carriers provide existing shipment status notification tools but require signing up for the service. Few customers are signed up for these external services, so it’s best to take a proactive approach through a solution like ShipAware which imports your orders automatically from carts and fulfillment software, something not possible…

  • USPS Tracking Statuses List

    USPS Tracking Statuses List

    Here’s a (mostly) complete list of all USPS tracking status meanings we’ve come across. Let us know if we missed any! Available for Pickup Statuses USPS uses a variety of statuses to let you know when your package is available for pickup, usually at your local post office. Tip: Use automatic notifications to let customers…