USPS status Not Available: 7 Things to Check

Having a package lost in transit can be frustrating. You’re waiting for the tracking to update and see the status is “not available.” Don’t panic. Here steps you can take to locate your package.

Wait a Bit Longer

Sometimes, the tracking information might not have been updated in real-time. It can take a few hours to a day for the system to reflect the latest status of your package.
If you’re the buyer, contact the seller and ask their opinion. Most businesses have more experience than customers as to the best course of action since they ship hundreds or thousands of orders weekly.

Confirm the Tracking Number

Double check you entered the tracking number correctly on the USPS website. A single digit or letter mistake could be showing you the wrong tracking results.
Sometimes sellers also enter incorrect tracking numbers, so it’s worth also asking them.

Track Using Third-party Platforms

Other platforms can have more accurate tracking info than USPS, especially if is having technical issues. Try these tracking sites:

Create a Missing Mail Claim

File a missing mail claim with USPS. This can sometimes “jumpstart” the the shipment in USPS’ system and tracking soon updates.
Note: Make a USPS account so you can track your past missing mail claims.

Open a USPS Case

If the shipping service includes insurance then you can file a claim for a refund. USPS will conduct further tracking investigation if the package appears lost.
Note: Make a USPS account so you can track your past claims and see if they’re approved or denied.
If your claim is denied, you can also file an appeal.

Ship or Request a Replacement

If you are the customer, request a replacement from the seller.
If you’re the seller, reship the item, preferably with a service that offers shipping insurance.

Receive alerts for shipping issues

As a seller, you can use a service like ShipAware to notify you when shipments are late or haven’t been scanned.

If USPS tracking isn’t available, the label may not have been scanned by the carrier and the package could be lost in a warehouse or mail truck.