AfterShip vs ShipAware represented as skyscrapers

AfterShip Alternatives

Late shipment alerts
Unfulfilled orders alerts
Unscanned shipment alerts
Customer notification emails
based on shipping status
Branded tracking pages
Auto import shipments
Klaviyo and Attentive
Product recommendations
Free plan shipment limit10050
*AfterShip Essentials ($9/month) and Pro ($99/month)
** Only for AfterShip Pro and above

Why choose ShipAware over AfterShip?

ShipAware is ideal if you need to know when shipments are late, stuck, or if orders are unfulfilled after a set number of days.

We also charge only a fraction of the price (see below) since we target small to medium businesses.

Certain integrations are only supported by ShipAware, such as Shippo, EasyShip, and eBay.

Likewise, AfterShip supports integrations such as Klivayo, Attentive, and ShipMonk. But let us know if you need an integration we don’t yet support and we’ll make one.

Price Comparison

Prices as of October 2023

Free tier

ShipAware: 100 shipments/month

AfterShip: 50 shipments/month

Entry tier

ShipAware: 600 shipments/month at 4.99

AfterShip: 100 shipments/month at $11

Mid Tier

ShipAware: 4,000 shipments/month at $19.99

AfterShip: 2,000 shipments/month at $119

High Tier

ShipAware: 20,000 shipments/month at $49.99

AfterShip: 2,000 shipments/month at $239

ShipAware Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 on the Shopify App Store

This app solved so many problems for us in 1 week…

…We don’t know there’s an issue until the customer notifies us, angry of course, that their order has not arrived. This app completely solves that problem with sending a simple email if its been 3 days with a pre-shipment status or 7 days with no delivery. Simple interface, awesome price tag. Easy 5 Stars – thank you thank you thank you!

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